RERemix Linux Desktop 6.2 [i386/x86/x64]

RERemix Linux Desktop 6.2 [i386/x86/x64]
RERemix Linux Desktop 6.2 [i386/x86/x64] | 5.49 GB

Here is the final release RERemix Linux Desktop 6.2. RERemix Linux Desktop – this is a remix based on Scientific Linux and repositories EPEL, PUIAS, ELRepo and Russian Fedora.

The distribution is a desktop solution based on the GNOME and KDE (also available a stripped-down version of XFCE) with long-term support of EL distribution. The user just from the box opportunity to use various “bad” codecs (mp3, etc.), play DVD, Adobe Flash, a variety of drivers for the video and network cards. An updated version of Firefox, Thunderbird, instead of using LibreOffice 3.4.5. In the repository available vlc, mplayer2, psi-plus, skype, evince-djvu-backend, deadbeef, chromium, and other packages.

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