EurotaxEgis 2 1.7 (05.2012)

EurotaxEgis 2 1.7 (05.2012)
EurotaxEgis 2 1.7 (05.2012) | 8.62 GB

Egis is the comprehensive database for repair and service businesses across Europe with unique selling propositions.

The Benefits:
Egis contains technical adjustment and maintenance data, labour times with overlap logic and repair instructions covering over 60 vehicle manufacturers and importers, and over 340,000 vehicle types (passenger cars, SUV, LCV).
The assembled information can be set to national vehicle search trees and is available in 17 countries and 13 languages. This makes Egis the leading data source for repair and service information.
The technical information is primarily derived directly from manufacturers and importers and enhanced by skilled Eurotax editors.

Egis modules:
Egis database contains several information modules that can be purchased individually or as a complete package:
· Labour time calculations with overlap logic
· Service and maintenance with intervals, labour times, maintenance plans and technical information
· Technical repair and adjustment
· Technical repair instructions

Egis delivery via DVD
The Egis offline PC product is a very useful tool for end-users because it:
· Provides easy access to relevant information
· Has a clear design and user-friendly format
· Works with a vehicle independant terminology

Egis delivered as raw data
Raw data delivery is a very helpful format for all organisations offering their own applications such as vehicle spare part catalogues. With EurotaxEgis these added values can be realised:
· Offer repair calculation by linking vehicle parts to labour time values and overlap time calculation
· Offer technical repair information (direct link to spare parts)
· Enable a continous workflow from the spare part to
the repair code and vice versa (linking between all relevant tables)

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