Deluxe Instant ENGLISH FX

Deluxe instant ENGLISH FX
Deluxe instant ENGLISH FX | 2.61 GB

Deluxe Instant English you learn to speak English, just as you learned your mother tongue. You never learn anything by heart. You benefit by this method, the learning tool newest and most powerful. This method gradually and fully takes you effortlessly to the next level, even if you’ve never done in English.

This method is available for PC and Mac
You remember everything very easily or american english <

As the English text shown on the screen and you hear it at the same time, the storage is done in the most natural conditions.

You listen,
you understand,
you repeat …
you speak!

You will notice right away your progress with this new way of learning English

The research of linguists and CEFL * Inter-Media Languages ??have completely changed the way of teaching English. Deluxe moment with English, you can get new pedagogies more efficient than ever, using all the interactive digital resources. Videos, sound, graphics, personalized follow multiply the effectiveness of your study. This method benefits from these advanced interactive and allows you to customize your lesson as a lesson. Your progress is therefore faster and more regular.

* European Centre for Language Training

Change of focus with a single click American pronunciation

You will be able to spend any time with one click of the British accent to American accent when listening dialogues.

Your teacher is there, on video. Announcer

Click on any word, and Claire, the English announcer, gives you videos in 1043, further explanations.

Pilot the original interface intuitively! <

Ergonomic interface

The interface, a new kind is an original creation. Ergonomics is amazing the service of pedagogy and aesthetics involved in the joy of learning. Ultra simple and convenient, it distracts you from your goal ever. This also helps you to improve!

The Speed-Learning creates a real immersion in the language. Easily remember

This add-on allows you to relax and help you remember the English phrases and expressions. They will then come naturally without effort, like a song back in the lead.

The whole family can use it for the whole family

Four family members can follow the method simultaneously and see their progress. An additional input can study without leaving traces of its course.

Learn faster even with an infinite number of fun activities and games!

Exercises and Games

To indulge in advance, make games that encourage your immersion in the English language. You work your English without noticing it and you talk about getting better.

These tests will amuse you also Exercises and Games

Verify that you have assimilated with the listening tests. Some activities are constructed according to your course, they vary so infinitely and are different for each user.
All five lessons, each icon that you see here, is launching a test or a game
A teacher is there to help you. Help by phone

If you have a question, you can receive free assistance from a teacher.

A GIFT to maintain your English for 1 year Supplements Online

You will find on this site, articles, grammar points explained, dialogues, new expressions. You will participate in forums in English with other users.

Why Deluxe English now takes you to infallibly speak English well

An innovative teaching will take you to speak English in exactly the way you learned your mother tongue. The results are fast. Never translate mentally before speaking, because your thinking will be formulated directly in English. There is only this way that one can speak fluently. Instant English Deluxe was designed to achieve this result.

Nothing to memorize

You learn English by entertaining you. The lessons are easy, relaxed: you never learn anything by heart. The English are naturally serious in your memory. Gradually, you will find yourself making your thoughts in English, without having to translate from French. This is called “thinking in the language.” This is how you will manage to speak without translating, so effortlessly.

You will have an impeccable accent

These CDs were recorded by the English. Their pronunciation is perfect. You can play them back as many times as you like and, instinctively, you gradually reproduce their pronunciation. Your focus will be excellent. It is also the best preparation for understanding television and movies in English.

Learn “relaxed” speed-learning through

We learn better, easier and for longer, when you’re relaxed. The “speed-learning” allows you, through the screens anti-stress, relax completely while listening to an English text. This technique helps you burn in your subconscious, phrases, words, sounds English. This results in a true immersion in the English language, just like staying in England.

Here are 11 advantages of this method has only gathered for you:

The teaching of natural CEFL * is among the best you’ll find today.
You can contact a teacher who will answer for free.
There are 150 to 350 videos per level.
The whole family can use. Toddlers discover the sounds already with the famous English Memo-Sound TM. them captive.
All lessons can be followed in English and American.
You are entitled to one free headset. (On PC versions only excluding shipping costs).
An area of ??personal training is kept in memory as to a particular course.
One year of internet supplements are offered in the end.
The Speed-Learning is an exclusive Inter-Media Language.
You get 1043 videos in the complete method.
If you spend one day from PC to Mac or vice versa, English moment you return your product for free against the same on the other platform without time limit.

What the press thinks of Inter-Language Media

A collection of CD-ROM language that will bring the most skeptical.
Maximum Rating: *** The World

An advanced program: more than 150 CD-ROM videos, computer images, quizzes, games … Recorded by professionals of the audiovisual.
Figaro Magazine TV

A very good achievement.
Maximum Rating: 5/5. PC Info

Finally … you can experience the charm of speed-learning, a method based on learning English through relaxation. In three weeks, you will interact correctly. An original method at steady pace.
SVM Shopping

An original method which involves immersion in English, not the translation … A wealth of videos and the opportunity to question at any time by phone, a real English teacher.
Note max. Okay Challenges

The original approach used is that of speed-learning.
BBC Multimedia

Multimedia PC configuration

Thousands of colors or 800×600 +
Pentium II or +
SP2 Windows 98, Millennium,
XP Home, XPpro 2000, NT

Macintosh Configuration

Thousands of colors or 800×600 +
G3, G4 or +,
Mac OS 9.1 +, OSX (10.2.0 – 10.2.8 – Panther)
128 MB RAM

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